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Releathering and Restoning


Releathering and restoning your belt is the perfect way to turn it from average to stand out. The real belts on TV not only have a real leather strap, but cubic zirconia stones as well. We offer those services because to us, it is crucial to hold your belts to the highest standard possible. As long as your belts have the option to be restoned or releathered, feel free to purchase those add-ons when selecting your belt. If you were not looking to buy a belt and you would prefer to send your belt in to be releathered or restoned, please refer to the pricing chart down below.

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Restoning Price Guide

More Information:

Restoning is the process in which we replace your stock, cloudy, simulated stones with real Cubic Zirconia or Swarovksi (some belts) stones to create that TV authentic, shiny look. If you want to have your belt be restoned, we need you to send us your plates in order for us to do so. It is a requirement that your belt is either on a stock strap or send out strap to be restoned. If the plates cannot come off the strap, it cannot be restoned. Send us an email at to begin the process. *All belts will come with Cubic Zirconia stones unless noted otherwise*

WWE Spinner

$550 USD

Rated R Spinner

$450 USD

US Spinner

$415 USD Cubic Zirconia, $360 USD Swarovski

Million Dollar

$400 USD Cubic Zirconia, $350 USD Swarovski


$90 USD

AEW Replica

$400 USD Cubic Zirconia, $350 Swarovksi

Raw/Smackdown Womens

$350 USD

Big Gold

$80 USD

Scratch Logo

$475 USD

UK Championship

$200 USD


$400 USD


$90 USD

Big Eagle

$90 USD

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Releather Pricing Guide

The standard price for a black front and black backing releather is $300 USD. There are options for stitching, color backings, texture backings and custom toolwork but the price would be adjusted according to the selections. If you are interested in a price quote, send us an email or go to the "Price Quote" page.

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