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Get Rid of the Belts You Don't Need!

Heel and Hero Belts are currently looking for those interested in trade-ins.

At this moment, our priority is buying the belts that are mentioned below:

  • Figures Inc. WWF Winged Eagle

  • Figures Inc. WWF Big Eagle

  • Figures Inc. WWF Smoking Skull

  • Figures Inc. WWF Hardcore

  • Figures Inc. WWF Hogan 86

  • Figures Inc. WWF Andre 87

  • Figures Inc. WWF European 

  • Figures Inc. WWF Intercontinental

  • Figures Inc. ECW Big Silver

  • Figures Inc. WWE Cruiserweight

  • WWESHOP New Day Tag-Team

WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR ANY WWESHOP BELTS THAT WERE NOT MENTIONED. Figures Inc. belts are our priority at this moment. If you have a belt you feel we may be interested in, send us a message.

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Our Official Facebook Group

Heel & Hero Belts offers another platform on Facebook to keep our members in touch. We have one of the most reliable and largest Facebook groups in the belt hobby today. Our group offers member events for those to win rare belts, a buy/sell platform, collection show-offs and much more! Keeping our members happy is our main priority and we continue to prosper each day. Don't miss out! Join now below.

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